I am interested in companies operating in emerging markets – local firms, firms from developing economies investing in other emerging economies, and firms from developed economies that have penetrated emerging markets. I am collecting stories from managers of multinational corporations as well as local entrepreneurs working in these economies, with the objective to use them as case studies in my research and teaching. If you are interested in cooperating by telling me your experiences, please contact me.

I am currently involved in the following research projects:

Opportunism management – insights from SMEs based in emerging economies

This project examines how firms based in emerging economies manage the risk of opportunism in their domestic market and in international transactions. It focuses on firms that suffer from being based in volatile environments affected by political risk, crime, and macroeconomic instability, as well as the liability of being small and resource-constrained. It links the institutional perspective to strategy with studies of small entrepreneurial firms.

Family business from emerging economies

The project examines the strategies of family businesses based in emerging economies. It examines the links between the context where firms are based, for example the institutional weakness of their home market, their strategies, including their international expansion and governance systems, and their performance.

Mechanisms supporting international business opportunity recognition

The project focuses on the mechanisms used by exporters to find clients in foreign markets. The objective is to evaluate the effectiveness of trade fairs and advertising as means to support internationalization. Its theoretical foundations lay in both the international entrepreneurship and international business literatures. The findings have important implications for the managers of exporting companies as well as for government agencies involved in export promotion. The project is currently in the data collection phase, focusing on the software and apparel industries.

The development of clusters in Latin America 

This project, based on my PhD research, examined the development of ICT clusters in Latin America. It analyzed data from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Costa Rica. It compared the policies adopted by Latin American countries to attract foreign investments and support local businesses. As of 2011 the project is in its final stage, having already generated several publications, including papers on highly ranked academic journals, such as the Journal of International Business Studies and the Journal of Development Studies, and a monograph published by Routledge. I am now focusing on clusters in other sectors, such as fashion and clothing and food processing.